Matthew Gamble

CIRA Board of Directors Candidate

Candidates Statement

It is with great enthusiasm that I submitted my application to serve on CIRA’s Board of Directors. As your elected member, I know that my experience and passion for the Internet will make me a valuable member of the Board.

To me, dot-ca is more than a “top level domain”, it is Canada’s brand on the Internet – a digital flag that shows the world the Canadian brand. I’ve proudly used a dot-ca domain for my personal website since inception to let visitors know I am Canadian with just a dot and two letters.

For the past twenty years I have worked in the Internet Service Provider field. During this time, I have played key roles in designing and developing many new services and technologies, including an ICANN accredited domain registraration service, Primus Canada’s Telemarketing Guard technology, and siplexa, an Amazon Alexa to SIP bridge. I have also appeared before the CRTC as part of a consortium to advocate for more access to Canadian wireless networks in order to increase innovation and competition in the wireless market. Most recently, I launched an initiative to bring voice over IP peering to Canada through

Technology continues to advance and fundamentally change the day to day lives of Canadians. The backbone of all of these changes is the Internet, connecting people and machines all around the world in new and exciting ways. In this context, CIRA must both continue its core mission to be an excellent steward of the dot-ca registry and continue to expand its mandate where appropriate to use its voice and resources to help fuel the growth, stability and security of the Internet in Canada. Further, CIRA should be encouraged to use its voice to educate and be a trusted neutral voice on issues impacting Canadians such as its involvement in the recent CRTC proceeding on Robocalling.

Being elected to the CIRA board is an incredible opportunity to participate in shaping the future of the Canadian Internet and I believe my diverse technology background will bring a unique and refreshing point of view to the board.

I thank you for your consideration and ask for your vote.

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