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Hackathons are not reality

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, a Toronto app-development company Lazer Technologies claimed to have reimplemented the ArriveCan over the weekend, calling into question the $54 million dollar price tag the Federal government paid for the application.  A second Toronto based tech

The CRTC once again fails Canadians

As you may have seen in the news recently, Canadian merchants are starting to charge processing fees for credit card transcations.  The history of this goes back to 2018, when class action lawsuits were brought in BC, AB, ON, SK

Brief Summary of the Rogers Outage RFI

Late last night the CRTC posted the reply from Rogers to the request for information (RFI) it sent last week.  In the RFI, the CRTC asked Rogers to respond to 55 questions about the multi-day Canada-wide service outage that started

Reolink NVRs and 172.16/12 - Or how I wasted my evening

Lately I have been looking for an IP Camera solution for my house.  The requirements were simple - it needed to be cost effective, support wired and wireless cameras, and not require a connection to the cloud to operate.  While