Brief Summary of the Rogers Outage RFI

Late last night the CRTC posted the reply from Rogers to the request for information [] (RFI) it sent last week.  In the RFI, the CRTC asked Rogers to respond to 55 questions about the

Reolink NVRs and 172.16/12 - Or how I wasted my evening

Lately I have been looking for an IP Camera solution for my house.  The requirements were simple - it needed to be cost effective, support wired and wireless cameras, and not require a connection to the cloud to operate.  While

21 Hours in purgatory - a love letter to EWR

On Thursday of this week I was returning from the Risk and Assurance Group conference in New Orleans [].  Because there were no direct flights to Buffalo (or Toronto), from NOLA, my return trip had me going

SHAKEN/STIR Adoption - A Lesson in Regulatory Failure

Today at day four of the SIPNOC 2022 conference, Jacques Sarrazin, President & CEO of the Canadian Secure Token Governance Authority‎ (CST-GA []) gave an update on the state of SHAKEN/STIR in Canada and the state isn't good.