"Memories of COVID" Sriracha Burger Sauce

What makes the perfect summer burger?  To me, it's the right meat, the right bun, cheese, some peameal (Canadian) bacon, and then something to give the burger a bit of spicy heat. For the meat, that part is simple -

If you build it, they will come - voicepeering.ca

For years I've been advocating for an open voice peering exchange in Canada, and as I mentioned in my previous blog post about COVID-19's impact on Canadian telecommunications networks there has never been a better time to get this project

All Circuits Are Busy Now: COVID-19 and the PSTN

Over the past week, with Canadians increasingly working from home and self isolating, we have seen unprecedented usage of voice networks in Canada.  As reported by the Globe and Mail customers are seeing an increase in dropped calls, busy signals,


Welcome! Hi, I'm Matt and I’m passionate about technology.  Having spent over 20 years working for various service providers I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in a broad range of telecommunications, internet service, and regulatory initiatives which