21 Hours in purgatory - a love letter to EWR

On Thursday of this week I was returning from the Risk and Assurance Group conference in New Orleans.  Because there were no direct flights to Buffalo (or Toronto), from NOLA, my return trip had me going through Newark Liberty International

SHAKEN/STIR Adoption - A Lesson in Regulatory Failure

Today at day four of the SIPNOC 2022 conference, Jacques Sarrazin, President & CEO of the Canadian Secure Token Governance Authority‎ (CST-GA) gave an update on the state of SHAKEN/STIR in Canada and the state isn't good. CST-GA Update

"Rube Goldberg" solutions - part one

Rube Goldberg MachineFaithful readers of my blog will know that normally my posts are about regulatory issues, but I thought it would be fun to take a break from the usual depressing posts about the state of telecom competition in

Something is rotten at Prom Du Portage

CRTC Chairman Ian ScottTwo weeks ago the Competitive Network Operators of Canada (CNOC) filed a Part One application with the CRTC asking for Ian Scott to "recuse himself, or be recused, from deciding all matters affecting service-based competition" pending the

The CST-GA is "SHAKEN" down small carriers

If you've been following by blog, you'll know that equal access for all telecommunications providers to participate in the SHAKEN/STIR call authentication framework has been one of the causes I have been most passionate about.  In late August, smaller

The Canadian PSTN needs Next Generation Routing

Last week wasn't great for the Canadian Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).  Two of Canada's largest competitive carriers suffered outages - Iristel was victim of a DDoS attack that lasted over 24 hours, between November 15th and 16th.  At the

The Federal Court just killed Section 36 of the Telecom Act

Today the Federal Court of Appeal issued its ruling in the GoldTV case.  For those not familiar with the GoldTV case, it was a federal court case brought forward by Bell, Rogers, and Videotron against an IPTV provider known as